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Mathikkunnu is a simple and serene temple Village where echos of vedic manthras and rustic village life. This village is famous for its historical sites, hermitages and Muniyaras. The unique and ancient Mathikkunnu Desam is the majestic abode of the Goddess of Mathikkunnu. 

The Goddess Bhadrakali along with Ganapathi, Vettakkaran, Sasthavu, Subramanian ,Veerabhadran and Navagrahas bless the land and people with their auspicious presence and purity. A dedicated devote of Goddesss of Mathikkunnu won’t depart from the temple without a dharsanam of Muthappan,... more

Koodalmanickyam is the Malayalam translation of the Sanskrit word Sangameswara.   There is, however, another folklore about the name.   One day the idol was found to give out uncommonly bright  from its forehead.    Unable to identify the source of the brightness, some brought a Quartz (Manikyam) in the possession of Raja of Kayamkulam for comparison.  As they were comparing the brightness of the two, it is said the stone brought from Kayamkulam mysteriously slipped from the hand and merged with the one on the idol.   The merging of two manikyamsled to the name ‘Koodalmanikyam’.  ... more

The beginning of the temple is shrouded in antiquity. The temple was built to commemorate the martyrdom of Kannakis in the Sangam age. During the reign of Kulasekhara dynasty, Kodungallur was the capital of Kerala and one of the most important parts of the region. It is said that sixth avatar of Vishnu, Sage Parasurama has built this temple for the prosperity of the people. According to the old chronicles, this was the Bhagavathi temple created in the heart of the towe many centuries ago to serve a special purpose

Legend says that after the creation of Kerala by ... more

Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple. It is the most important Temple among the 393 shrines spread over 3 Districts of Kerala and coming under the administration of Cochin Devaswom Board. The Divine Mother known as Rajarajeswari (Adiparasakthi) is worshipped here in three forms Saraswathy in the morning, Lakshmi at noon and Durga in the evening. There is an Idol of Mahavishnu on the same pedestal and so the Deity is called Ammenarayana, Devinarayana, Lakshminarayana and Bhadrenarayana also. Along with Lakshmi & Narayana there are idols of Brahma, Siva, Ganapathi (Ganesh), Subramanya... more

Aarattupuzha temple alias Ayyappa temple, located around 14 km from Thrissur, is dedicated to Lord Ayyappa also known as Dharma Sastha. The ancient temple about thousand years old is famous for its annual festival Arattupuzha Pooram Festival held in March - April. Nearly forty one neighboring temples participate in this colourful festival. The uniqueness of the festival is the ceremonial procession of deities from these neighboring temple on caparisoned elephants. Arattupuzha temple is open from 05:00 to 09:30 am and 05:00 - 07:00 pm



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