thrissur call taxi

Packages and Tariff

Thrissur Call Taxi ,Guruvayoor Call Taxi


80 Km - 8 Hrs - Rs 2000/-

Extra Km Rs 15/-

Extra Hr Rs 200/-

 Thrissur <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs1800/-

Guruvayoor <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs2600/-

Thrissur <> Guruvayoor Drop Rs1000/-

Thrissur Call Taxi ,Guruvayoor Call Taxi


80 Km - 8 Hrs - Rs1400/-

Extra Km Rs11/-

Extra Hr Rs100/-

Thrissur <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs1100/-

Guruvayoor <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs1800/-

Thrissur <> Guruvayoor Drop Rs650/-

Thrissur Call Taxi ,Guruvayoor Call Taxi


80 Km - 8 Hrs - Rs 2800/-

Extra Km Rs 18/-

Extra Hrs Rs 250/-

Thrissur <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs2500/-

Guruvayoor <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs3500/-

Thrissur <> Guruvayoor Drop Rs1600/-

Thrissur Call Taxi ,Guruvayoor Call Taxi


80 Km - 8 Hrs - Rs1600/-

Extra Km Rs 12/-

Extra Hrs Rs 125/-

Thrissur <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs1300/-

Guruvayoor<> Cochin Airport Drop Rs2000/-

Thrissur <> Guruvayoor Drop Rs700/-

Thrissur Call Taxi ,Guruvayoor Call Taxi


80 Km - 8 Hrs - Rs2200/-

Extra KM Rs16/-

Extra Hrs Rs200/-

Thrissur   <>    Cochin Airport Drop Rs2000/-

Guruvayoor <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs2800/-

Thrissur <> Guruvayoor Drop Rs1300/-

Offer For First Call


Please Book Your Cab immediately

Call / Whatsapp    85 90 200 100


thrissur call Taxi,Guruvayoor Call taxi

 thrissur call Taxi,Guruvayoor Call taxi,call taxi,Taxi services

Welcome to thrissur call Taxi

The number of vehicles on the Indian road are increasing day-by-day. Two essential factor contribute to this development. One is, the purchasing power of people has gone up. The other is, people want faster movement in conformity with the new life style seen in the entire world.

Although there is greater increase in the buying and spending power of the people, everybody cannot afford to buy and maintain a vehicle. To cater to the needs of people who can spend extra money for transport, but at the time, buying a car is not possible for them, call taxi service has become a great rescuing factor.

The very important thing in call taxi business needs a best service that satisfies the customers needs to the fullest level.

Thrissur Call Taxi is one organization which pays greater attention to impeccable service to its customers.

Thrissur Call Taxi,Guruvayoor Taxi,Call Taxi

Thrissur Call Taxi,Guruvayoor Taxi,Call Taxi,24hrs taxi,taxi services
  • Convenience
    Book within seconds and get instant confirmations. Easy online payments or cash on delivery. Booking car rentals will never be a headache again!
  • Quality
    Our cars are audited for cleanliness, safety and comfort. Our drivers are well trained and reliable. Sit back and enjoy the Ola experience!
  • Control
    We have clear and transparent pricing listed online. Never haggle with drivers again on payments and be confident and assured of what you are being charged for!

Thrissur Call taxi,Guruvayooor call taxi services

Guruvayoor Call taxi,thrissur Call Taxi

Guruvayoor Call taxi,thrissur Call Taxi,24 hrs taxi,Taxi online

Guruvayoor Call taxi,thrissur Call Taxi have now become indispensable part of the transportation system in Thrissur. Cab service in Thrissur can be very useful if you are unaware about the roads of Thrissur or annoyed with the traffic of Thrissur. Guruvayoor Call taxi,thrissur Call Taxi in Thrissur can provide you with comfortable travelling experience whenever you require. All you need is to just call us on 8590200100 and our cab service or taxi hire service will be available at your required time. Whether you need cab service to airport or cab service for sightseeing, our cab company in Thrissur can provide you with taxi cab service at a very affordable rate. By booking our cab service in thrissur,Guruvayoor you can go right from your doorstep to your destination which will save your time and energy both. You can also book cab online easily from our website if you need taxi service from airport or taxi service from railway station and be assured that your trip to Mumbai is going work as per your plans.

Thrissur Call taxi,Guruvayoor Call Taxi

Thrissur Call taxi,Guruvayoor Call Taxi,24hrs taxi,Call Taxi,Taxi 4 u

Thrissur Call taxi,Guruvayoor Call Taxi

Thrissur Call taxi,Guruvayoor Call Taxi is India's First  Taxi Company Operating with both company owned and driver owned Vehicles. This provides the touch of security, comfort & accountability to the customers as the company sole objective is to ensure high service standards. We make all the efforts to ensure that our fleet remains in good shape, in affinity with the brand perception and expectations of our esteemed clients. Regular fleet inspections are undertaken by the company. 

Service to the customers to a large extent depends upon the quality & behaviour of chauffeurs. Giving the drivers a larger share of the profit the model traverses a mechanism wherein the chauffeur receives a direct incentive for maintaining the condition of his car and meeting service standards of the company. An internationally accepted rationale, the unique model on which Thrissur Call taxi,Guruvayoor Call Taxi operates remains its biggest strength.



Thrissur Call taxi, guruvayoor call taxi,24 hrs taxi in thrissur ,Thrissur cabs,Guruvayoor taxi

“Every Holiday Season my fianceé and I enjoy making ALL the festivities and dinner parties with our friends and clients without driving. We depend on Thrissur Call Taxi to pick us up and take us home and the service has been excellent for as long as I can remember. Thanks for helping us enjoy each season to its fullest, safely. Keep up the good work! Aloha”

— H. Narayana Kutty

Thrissur Call taxi, guruvayoor call taxi,24 hrs taxi in thrissur ,Thrissur cabs,Guruvayoor taxi

“I have booked taxi through thrissur Call Taxi thrice. It was awesome. Drivers punctuality and their routing knowledge was excellent. Every time I got my receipt within my budget.”

24th June

Thrissur Call taxi, guruvayoor call taxi,24 hrs taxi in thrissur ,Thrissur cabs,Guruvayoor taxi

Excellent Service! I used the service for my parents vacation trips. They are very happy and satisfied. TaxiForSure made my parents trip a happy vacation. Thanks!”

-Anil Kumar
25th June

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