thrissur call taxi

Packages and Tariff

Thrissur Call Taxi ,Guruvayoor Call Taxi


80 Km - 8 Hrs - Rs1800/-

Extra Km Rs14/-

Extra Hrs Rs150/-

Thrissur  <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs1600/-

Guruvayoor  <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs2400/-

Thrissur  <> Guruvayoor Drop Rs900/-

Thrissur Call Taxi ,Guruvayoor Call Taxi


80 Km - 8 Hrs - Rs1400/-

Extra Km Rs11/-

Extra Hr Rs100/-

Thrissur <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs1100/-

Guruvayoor <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs1800/-

Thrissur <> Guruvayoor Drop Rs650/-

Thrissur Call Taxi ,Guruvayoor Call Taxi


80 Km - 8 Hrs - Rs1600/-

Extra Km Rs 12/-

Extra Hrs Rs 125/-

Thrissur <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs1300/-

Guruvayoor<> Cochin Airport Drop Rs2000/-

Thrissur <> Guruvayoor Drop Rs700/-

Thrissur Call Taxi ,Guruvayoor Call Taxi


80 Km - 8 Hrs - Rs 2000/-

Extra Km Rs 15/-

Extra Hr Rs 200/-

 Thrissur <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs1800/-

Guruvayoor <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs2600/-

Thrissur <> Guruvayoor Drop Rs1000/-

Thrissur Call Taxi ,Guruvayoor Call Taxi


80 Km - 8 Hrs - Rs 2800/-

Extra Km Rs 18/-

Extra Hrs Rs 250/-

Thrissur <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs2500/-

Guruvayoor <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs3500/-

Thrissur <> Guruvayoor Drop Rs1600/-

Thrissur Call Taxi ,Guruvayoor Call Taxi


80 Km - 8 Hrs - Rs2200/-

Extra KM Rs16/-

Extra Hrs Rs200/-

Thrissur   <>    Cochin Airport Drop Rs2000/-

Guruvayoor <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs2800/-

Thrissur <> Guruvayoor Drop Rs1300/-

Offer For First Call


Thrissur call Taxi -  Indica  Rs650+650=Rs1300/-    Discount Rate.Rs1200/-

Guruvayoor call Taxi - Sedan  Rs700+700=Rs1400/-    Discount Rate.Rs1300/-

Thrissur Online Taxi - Xylo     Rs900+900=Rs1800/-    Discount Rate.Rs1700/-

Guruvayoor  Taxi - Innova Rs1000+1000=Rs2000/- Discount Rate.Rs1900/-

Call taxi - 10 Seat Traveller  Rs1300+1300=Rs2600/-  Discount Rate.Rs2500/-

Prepaid Taxi - 17 Seat Traveller  Rs1600+1600=Rs3200/-  Discount Rate.Rs3100/-

Please Book Your Cab immediately

Call / Whatsapp    85 90 200 100


Guruvayoor Call taxi,Thrissur Call taxi

Guruvayoor Call taxi,Thrissur Call taxi,call taxi,tour packages in thrissur

Guruvayoor Call taxi,Thrissur Call taxi

Welcome we tend to with pride inform you that we tend to are one among the leading travel and decision Guruvayoor Call taxi,Thrissur Call taxi.We are introducing a replacement world in decision call taxi serivces,car rental,car hire,cab services,airport taxi and cool cabs services in Thrissur.The best and convenient thanks to visit and from bus stands,railway station,airport and to different places of interest in Thrissur. we offer standard,luxury vehicle to our customers with reasonable rates and additionally safe services.We assure you comfy journey with pleasure.Hiring a taxi is simply a click away on our web site.Our service is out there 24x7 among town.Enjoy you fascinating journey with us and build an honest day.Our success and happiness is your satisfaction.If you wish any longer clarification on any of them or please decision our twenty four hrs client care centre.

We offer you completely different tour packages with top quality client service, providing total care , with affordable rates further as continually maintain high standards.

Thrissur Call Taxi,Guruvayoor Call Taxi

Thrissur Call Taxi,Guruvayoor Call Taxi,thrissur taxi,Guruvayoor taxi

About Thrissur Call Taxi,Guruvayoor Call Taxi

Thrissur Call Taxi,Guruvayoor Call Taxi offers wonderful journey by satisfying all the transportation needs of the travellers.We are always effecient in our services,which makes Thrissur Call Taxi,Guruvayoor Call Taxi Taxi the number one taxi service in kerala.Our service is extended all over India.We have a strong network of vehicles providing a complete comfort ride at reasonable cost.

All our chauffers are professionally well trained.Most of the chauffers are familiar with almost all languages.This makes the journey smooth,because the chauffers can manage people of any language.We always try to communicate with our chauffers and clients during the journey,so that the clients can inform us about their difficulties,if any.

 We are always ready to serve you.We gaurantee you  24 hours service along with the luxurious travel.The long way experience in this field always make our service,the best.All our vehicles are good with excellent engine condition.All the old vehicles are replaced with new ones,so that you cannot see any old vehicle in our company.The vehicles are cleaned before and after every journey,so that the customers can have a perfect smooth journey.

Thrissur Call Taxi - thrissur tours and travels

Thrissur Call Taxi ,thrissur tours and travels,Thrissur Tours ,Guruvayoor tours

Thrissur Call Taxi - thrissur tours and travels

Delivering customers safely to their destination is just a part of our service at Thrissur call taxi track. We offer a wide range of services including - airport transfers, long distance trips, train station pick ups and drop offs, to mention but a few. We offer a professional and reliable service to you with the prior aim of making your Taxi Transfer comfortable. We offer door to door taxi services 24x7. Here are some of the ways to Thrissur Call Taxi.

Tours & Travels : We also Provide in Thrissur TOURS & TRAVELS.

Call Us: Our dedicated Customer Service Center is operational in Chennai we operate in 24x7. Just Call 85 90 200 100 any time of the day and our Customer Service Executives will be happy to get you a Thrissur Call Taxi, right when you want it and where you need it. Please call your taxi 1 hour before your travel time, make your journey safe & tension free.

Book Online: We also offer the option to book a thrissur Call Taxi online. Find Book a Taxi on this website or just click here and fill in the required details and we will get a Thrissur Call Taxi to you at the appointed time and place. Please book your taxi 6hours before your travel time

Thrissur Call taxi, Guruvayoor Call Taxi

Thrissur Call taxi, Guruvayoor Call Taxi,call taxi,Taxi in thrissur

Thrissur Call taxi, Guruvayoor Call Taxi was launched to challenge the most challenging task popularly coined as "Entry Barrier" by our Visionary & Key Promoter of Thrissur Call taxi, Guruvayoor Call Taxi

 During his earlier businesses, most of the time he was travelling from one place to another on different assignments & was facing difficulty to get connectivity WRT last mile landside transportation like Tanga/Auto/Taxi/Etc specially when he was new in any City/Town/Village in India.

 This lead him to think, there should be a Single Brand with Unified Price as well Standards of Operations with Single Contact Number for Ease & Comfort of any local as well travelling customers for using Landside Local Transportation in any part of kerala, without any iota of doubt of getting Cheated or Taken for Ride.

 Thrissur Call taxi, Guruvayoor Call Taxi is formed by a Group of Mind Blowing Entrepreneurs from various backgrounds extremely "Passionate" about delivering their "Promoter's Vision" & helping people at large in Kerala

Thrissur Cabs , Guruvayoor Cabs

Thrissur Cabs , Guruvayoor Cabs,thrissur call taxi,Guruvayoor call taxi

Thrissur Cabs , Guruvayoor Cabs

Thrissur Cabs , Guruvayoor Cabs proud to be No.1 Call Taxi in thrissur & guruvayoor.Book Cabs in Thrissur Cabs , Guruvayoor Cabs Call us @ 85 90 200 100. Thrissur Cabs , Guruvayoor Cabs offers Call Taxi Service in Thrissur @ Rs. 14/km.Book Taxi in Thrissur now.Thrissur Cabs , Guruvayoor Cabs Cabs in Thrissur provides Cheapest Cabs in Thrissur,A new era in Call Taxi in Thrissur/Call Cabs in Thrissur services and Airport cabs Thrissur and taxi in Thrissur cab services in Thrissur. Thrissur Cabs in Kerala provide you a secure & comfortable drive in vehicles. – it is a 9+ years old relationship. Thrissur Cabs realized that our customers are no longer willing to settle for anything less than The-Best Call Cabs Taxi Thrissur/Airport Cabs Taxi Thrissur.



Thrissur Call taxi, guruvayoor call taxi,24 hrs taxi in thrissur ,Thrissur cabs,Guruvayoor taxi

“Every Holiday Season my fianceé and I enjoy making ALL the festivities and dinner parties with our friends and clients without driving. We depend on Thrissur Call Taxi to pick us up and take us home and the service has been excellent for as long as I can remember. Thanks for helping us enjoy each season to its fullest, safely. Keep up the good work! Aloha”

— H. Narayana Kutty

Thrissur Call taxi, guruvayoor call taxi,24 hrs taxi in thrissur ,Thrissur cabs,Guruvayoor taxi

“I have booked taxi through thrissur Call Taxi thrice. It was awesome. Drivers punctuality and their routing knowledge was excellent. Every time I got my receipt within my budget.”

24th June

Thrissur Call taxi, guruvayoor call taxi,24 hrs taxi in thrissur ,Thrissur cabs,Guruvayoor taxi

Excellent Service! I used the service for my parents vacation trips. They are very happy and satisfied. TaxiForSure made my parents trip a happy vacation. Thanks!”

-Anil Kumar
25th June

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