24 hrs call taxi in thrissur

Packages and Tariff

Thrissur Call Taxi ,Guruvayoor Call Taxi


80 Km - 8 Hrs - Rs1400/-

Extra Km Rs11/-

Extra Hr Rs100/-

Thrissur <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs1100/-

Guruvayoor <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs1800/-

Thrissur <> Guruvayoor Drop Rs650/-

Thrissur Call Taxi ,Guruvayoor Call Taxi


80 Km - 8 Hrs - Rs1600/-

Extra Km Rs 12/-

Extra Hrs Rs 125/-

Thrissur <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs1300/-

Guruvayoor<> Cochin Airport Drop Rs2000/-

Thrissur <> Guruvayoor Drop Rs700/-

Thrissur Call Taxi ,Guruvayoor Call Taxi


80 Km - 8 Hrs - Rs 2800/-

Extra Km Rs 18/-

Extra Hrs Rs 250/-

Thrissur <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs2500/-

Guruvayoor <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs3500/-

Thrissur <> Guruvayoor Drop Rs1600/-

Thrissur Call Taxi ,Guruvayoor Call Taxi


80 Km - 8 Hrs - Rs2200/-

Extra KM Rs16/-

Extra Hrs Rs200/-

Thrissur   <>    Cochin Airport Drop Rs2000/-

Guruvayoor <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs2800/-

Thrissur <> Guruvayoor Drop Rs1300/-

Thrissur Call Taxi ,Guruvayoor Call Taxi


80 Km - 8 Hrs - Rs1800/-

Extra Km Rs14/-

Extra Hrs Rs150/-

Thrissur  <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs1600/-

Guruvayoor  <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs2400/-

Thrissur  <> Guruvayoor Drop Rs900/-

Thrissur Call Taxi ,Guruvayoor Call Taxi


80 Km - 8 Hrs - Rs 2000/-

Extra Km Rs 15/-

Extra Hr Rs 200/-

 Thrissur <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs1800/-

Guruvayoor <> Cochin Airport Drop Rs2600/-

Thrissur <> Guruvayoor Drop Rs1000/-

Call taxi Thrissur

Call taxi Thrissur, Call Taxi in Guruvayoor - call taxi in Thrissur, 24 hrs  call taxi in thrissur, Cab Service in Thrissur

Call taxi Thrissur,Guruvayoor  proud to be No.1 Call Taxi in Thrissur,Guruvayoor.Book Cabs in Thrissur,GuruvayoorCall us @ 85 90 200 100. Thrissur call taxi offers Call Taxi Service in Thrissur @ lowest rates .Book Taxi in Thrissur now.Thrissur call taxi  provides Cheapest Cabs in Thrissur,A new era in Call Taxi in Thrissur/Call Cabs in Thrissur services and Airport cabs Cochin and taxi in Thrissur services in Guruvayoor. Call taxi Thrissur,Guruvayoor in Thrissur  provide you a secure & comfortable drive in vehicles. – it is a 9+ years old relationship. Call taxi Thrissur,Guruvayoor realized that our customers are no longer willing to settle for anything less than The-Best Call Cabs Taxi Thrissur / Guruvayoor Cabs Taxi Thrissur.

Cab Service in Thrissur, Online Taxis in thrissur

Thrissur taxi, Online taxi, Guruvayoor taxi, 24 hrs  call taxi in thrissur

Thrissur Cabs have now become indispensable part of the transportation system in Thrissur. Thrissur Cab service in Thrissur can be very useful if you are unaware about the roads of Thrissur or annoyed with the traffic of Thrissur. Thrissur call taxi in Thrissur can provide you with comfortable travelling experience whenever you require. All you need is to just call us on 85 90 200 100 and our cab service or taxi hire service will be available at your required time. Whether you need cab service to airport or cab service for sightseeing, our cab company in Thrissur can provide you with taxi cab service at a very affordable rate. By booking our cab service in Thrissur, you can go right from your doorstep to your destination which will save your time and energy both. You can also book cab online easily from our website if you need taxi service from airport or taxi service from railway station and be assured that your trip to Thrissur is going work as per your plans.

Thrissur call taxi

Thrissur call taxi, Guruvayoor call taxi, 24 hrs  call taxi in thrissur, Call taxi

Thrissur call taxi & Guruvayoor call taxi 

A new era in Call Taxi services & Airport taxi services in  Thrissur call taxi & Guruvayoor call taxi dawned in the year 2005 with the inception of Thrissur Call Taxi. Travelling to your desired destination has never been more convenient and carefree. Time is precious so waste no more waiting or queuing up for a taxi to your destination! Call Taxi advanced booking lets you travel unhindered. Relax in comfort as professional drivers take you to your destination on time. Simply thrissur call taxi and all arrangements for the provision of your transport will be managed. Thrissur call taxi premium professional service makes traveling not simply a journey, but a memorable experience in a luxuriant fleet of vehicles. All drivers are equipped with years of realistic experience and are trained in customer service to readily provide assistance. Putting your comfort at top priority, drivers take only the fastest route in the shortest possible time to your desired destination.

Guruvayur call taxi services

thrissur call taxi,thrissur cabs,guruvayur call taxi,guruvayur cabs,24 hrs  call taxi in thrissur

Call taxi in  guruvayur one of the best solution for guruvayur pilgrim people.Sree Krishna temple in guruvayur is the one of the leading pilgrim in kerala.guruvayur located about 29kms from thrissur town.guruvayur call taxi helpful for peoples to pick us and take us home.call taxi in guruvayur Drivers punctuality and excellent service with correct time with affordable cost.     


Thrissur Call taxi, guruvayoor call taxi,24 hrs taxi in thrissur ,Thrissur cabs,Guruvayoor taxi

“Every Holiday Season my fianceé and I enjoy making ALL the festivities and dinner parties with our friends and clients without driving. We depend on Thrissur Call Taxi to pick us up and take us home and the service has been excellent for as long as I can remember. Thanks for helping us enjoy each season to its fullest, safely. Keep up the good work! Aloha”

— H. Narayana Kutty

Thrissur Call taxi, guruvayoor call taxi,24 hrs taxi in thrissur ,Thrissur cabs,Guruvayoor taxi

“I have booked taxi through thrissur Call Taxi thrice. It was awesome. Drivers punctuality and their routing knowledge was excellent. Every time I got my receipt within my budget.”

24th June

Thrissur Call taxi, guruvayoor call taxi,24 hrs taxi in thrissur ,Thrissur cabs,Guruvayoor taxi

Excellent Service! I used the service for my parents vacation trips. They are very happy and satisfied. TaxiForSure made my parents trip a happy vacation. Thanks!”

-Anil Kumar
25th June

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